Vet parties Automatically

Otovet is an automated Compliance & Due diligence platform 

Are you a financial institution onboarding a client? A trading company screening a trade partner? Or an HR officer employing new personnel? If so, you know non-compliance with regulations carries with it hefty penalties, and AML/KYC due diligence work can take months. Don’t risk your reputation with your clients, pile on compliance headcount costs or lose business. Manage your financial crime risk with otovet, the world's most advanced KYC automation platform, a proprietary solution that leverages A.I in an user-experience centric web application. [oto] - our Artificial Intelligence, will guide you, and your counterparties during self-service, to: collect documents, process identification, and screen key controllers, automating time consuming due diligence end-to-end with straight-through-processing.

Meet Oto

Manage your counterparts risks by using our stock questionnaires or tailor the KYC program to your internal compliance policies with our CMS. [oto] will guide the correspondence at any stage, be it onboarding, remediation, or renewal, using our default templates ensuring that the all data recorded is current and valid. The preset engine takes a risk based approach compliant with all major national and international agencies such as US, UK, EU, HK, OFAC, and is updated regularly according to regulatory changes.

Screen with Dow Jones

Our partnership with the Dow Jones ensures that the screening procedure has the breadth, depth, and accuracy to flag hits for potential financial crime exposure without a torrent of false positives. All relevant watchlists are leveraged to detect money-laundry, terrorist financing, bribery & corruption, and sanctions evasion risks. This KYC tool's due-diligence will comprehensively cover everything from PEPs and Negative News Reports.

seamless integration

Streamline the end-to-end process and integrate into your CRM systems with our API's to realize the full potential of Straight-Through-Processing. You will have control and visibility over the disclosure process with an MI risk dashboard of entity risk profiles. Not only can you install the otovet solution on-site, integrated in physically secure server rack in your local database storage, but you will also have encrypted and exclusive administration access to the tool assigned to privileged users at your discretion.